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Google AdWords Certification Training With 100% Job

google adwords training in hyderabad along with placement

What IS Google AdWords :

Paid Online Advertising or Google AdWords is the one of the main module in Digital Marketing Training Course. In Traditional Marketing we do the marketing by Print Media, Broadcast, Direct Mail, And Telephone. By Using these Traditional Marketing Strategies any one can advertise their products and services. In Google AdWords, we do marketing through online by spending money.

First of all online advertising service is developed by Google to help marketers or sellers to reach their customers instantly. When someone searches on Google for a particular query about their product or service, Google shows a list of searches for that query in Search Engine Result Page. If you look closely you will notice that the top and the bottom of the results are generally ads or Paid Ads (Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads Etc).

Google AdWords is one of the advertising service for advertisers who wants to promote online their product, content, website, Services, brand etc through certain specified keywords to achieve traffic or leads to their Website or Company. Those specified keywords are present in their website and after matching with the clients query, google shows their website to the customers based on some quality score of the website in a list of SERP page.

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